What You Need to Know About Wooden Filing Cabinets

What You Need to Know About Wooden Filing Cabinets

Metal filing cabinets might have filled old detective movies but they are no longer a desired piece of furniture. Wooden filing cabinets are much more warm and interesting and they certainly bring a lot of life to your office space. They can also be used inside your home and that works especially well if you have a home based business or job. You can find a variety of these cabinets online and also gather a number of discounted and reduced prices on them at online auction sites.

If you are wondering what kind of wooden filing cabinets you need to buy then it is better if you have a little information about the kinds of filing options available. This way you will be better able to choose which cabinets are more suitable to your space and decorating theme. Following are some details about the types of filing cabinets available in wood.

The first type of wooden filing cabinets is the four drawer variety which are really tall in size. They have a total of four drawers for storage space where one can keep their files and documents. These sturdy designs are ideal for storing a huge number of documents and files. The drawers each come with a metal handle like brass and make it easy to open the drawer.

Another type of storage cabinets are the D2 lateral wooden filing systems. These are not as tall as the four drawers design but they are wider in shape. The lower cabinet is taller and all drawers come with private locks and keys. This is also useful because the top of the drawer can be used as a counter top. This attribute is a great merit of this particular design.

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The third kind is the lateral wooden filing cabinet type. These lateral cabinet designs are quite similar to the D2 filing cabinets. But where the D2 cabinets have a taller lower drawer and a shorter upper one, the lateral cabinet design has all the same size drawers. Each of the drawers in this design come with lock and key mechanism as well and can store secure and private information and documents.