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Laser Hair Treatment-Seeking an Understanding of the Treatment

Hair loss is a key concern that is faced by both men and women and it is always attended by lots of physical and emotional distress. The other fact about hair loss is that it is exhibited in a number of ways and as many as they are, there are as well a number of treatments available that may be trusted to help cure the condition. One of the therapies available is that of course known as laser hair treatment. The Laser Hair Treatments, which are as well known as the Low Level Laser Treatment, LLLT, is actually one of the treatments for thinning hair which has come under fierce and thorough investigations ever since it came to be as propagated by the specialists. There has been, as we have just mentioned above, so much of a discussion and a heated one for that matter over the success and effectiveness of the particular condition of thinning hair. Thus it will be advisable for you to seek the treatment of LLLT after the consultation with a medical doctor.

Looking at the history of the treatment, you may be surprised at how it actually came to be-all by accident as is always the case with a number of the medical breakthroughs. Some researcher, named Andre Mester, had the theory that the exposure that one may have to the cold laser light may be a leading fact to cancer, just like it is always the case with the UV light. In his progress to test the theory, Andre Mester shaved some mice and placed them exposed to the cold laser light and as necessary he left some of them unexposed to be part of his control group. In disbelief, he came to notice that the cold laser light to which the mice were exposed did not in any way prove to be a risk for causing any traces of cancer. The fact of the whole research which made this be like an accident in the findings was the fact that instead the researcher came to realize that the mice who were exposed to the laser light had their fur growing much more faster as compared to the growth that was there for the ones who were left under the control group. Andre Mester came to name his discovery as photo-biostimulation. This theory is simply based on the theory that the hair cells will be put in a state of an accelerated growth when you have them exposed to the laser light.

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What we will see as a method for the application of the laser treatment is the fact that that they will use the low level laser rays which are directed at the scalp by the use of a mechanical device to get the red blood cells in the scalp so stimulated. It has actually been established to be one of the most effective ways to help deal with the problems so common of thinning hair which you can get to trust.

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