Secure Storage Ideas For Your Employees

Secure Storage Ideas For Your Employees

There are many reasons why an employer would need to find secure storage for their employees. Perhaps they require storage within a normal office environment for staff to lock up their cell phones and handbags. This could be due to an internal policy where personal items are not allowed near their working area. Another common scenario is people working in the manufacturing industry where they are not allowed to carry items onto the work floor.

In the manufacturing industry shift work is quite common within the workforce with staff working for 8 hours or 12 hours at a time. As they are working on the floor around machinery, they cannot have any bags or cell phones with them. The employer is then forced to provide a storage facility where they can lock up these items. The staff also needs to be assured that all their valuable items will be safe during their long shift.

A viable solution to this problem is purchase a cluster of storage lockers. These lockers can be bought in a number of sizes depending on how big you want each compartment and how much floor space you have available. Most employers tend to purchase a 2 foot or 4 foot long cubicle for their staff, which provides ample room for clothing and bags. These can then be clustered together to any amount you wish. Also keep in mind that you will not have to buy a locker for every employee due to the shift work, sickness and holidays.

Security is always a concern, even if you trust your own employees you cannot take the chance. Your company will always have third parties companies accessing the premises for various reasons, and you will not have the same trust as you do with your employees. Therefore it is important to buy a locker that comes with a tamper proof locking system which will prevent would be intruders from breaking through the lock.

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