Save Big on Discount Office Furniture at Discount Office Supplies Providers

Save Big on Discount Office Furniture at Discount Office Supplies Providers

Opening a new office or refurbishing your current one? The cost of office storage cabinets, desks and other office furnishings can put a big hole in your starting budget. If you typically purchase discount office supplies-or even if you never have-you may find the best prices and service on discount office furniture from the same source.

In addition to taking advantage of the low prices offered by discount office suppliers, there are other steps you can take to help cut down the cost of office furniture so that it fits into your budget.

Plan Before You Buy

Impulse buying usually results in furniture decisions you wish you hadn’t made. First, evaluate your actual needs and consider possible solutions. Have your office supplies outgrown their shelf? This might be the ideal time to rethink your entire supply chain. Would an office storage cabinet be a better solution? Do you need more file storage space? Perhaps this is the time to evaluate your filing system so that it puts the most important files at hand in the base of a double pedestal desk.

Consider Employee Use and Comfort

Ergonomics is more than a buzzword-it can have very real effects on employee productivity, which directly affects your bottom line. If you’ve got the funds in your budget, bring in an occupational therapist to come into your office and work up recommendations for workflow and worker health enhancement. If possible, make sure your employees are available to speak with her so she can determine what changes will make their work easier. Recommendations may include suggested counter, desk and cabinet heights, specific types of chairs and desks and office arrangements that you might not have considered.

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Check the Catalogs and Flyers

Comparison shopping can help you determine a range of prices to help you in your financial planning. Check with specialty furniture dealers who supply discount office furniture as well as department stores and other sources that may stock budget office furniture and equipment. But keep in mind that the lower prices you see at big box discount stores are usually offset by the additional services that discount office furniture suppliers can provide.

Consider How Much You Can Do-It-Yourself

Sometimes, a big part of the equipment cost is for in-office construction and setup. A lot of discount office suppliers can supply office storage cabinets and other office furniture at lower costs if you’re willing to assemble it yourself. If you have in-house maintenance staff or an adept office admin, you can save a healthy chunk of money by buying furniture unassembled and putting it together.

Put all Your Needs Into one Purchase

Your planning process should include the replacement and upgrade of your existing office furniture and storage cabinets. Instead of purchasing as you need to expand, plan your expansions and replacements ahead of time, and purchase everything at once. Larger purchases often qualify for better terms and bigger discounts. In many cases, discount office supplies providers may even tack on free shipping if your order is big enough.