Portable Storage and Office Rentals Provide More Space for Your Business or Home

Portable Storage and Office Rentals Provide More Space for Your Business or Home

It is estimated that Americans consume at a much faster rate than the rest of the world. According to the Sierra Club, largest grassroots environmental organization in the United States, the average American buys 53 times as many products as someone in China. Consequently, the amount of space Americans require has shown to come at a premium these days. With an array of items accumulated over time, it is no wonder that the use of storage units and junk pickup services have seen a rise in business in the last decade.

For individuals or business owners looking to deal with space-related quandaries, there are affordable solutions to offset the demand for space in tight areas. Portable storage, portable office and portable storage and office combo rentals are space-saving solutions that can prove to be worthwhile for your home or business.

Portable Storage Rentals

For business owners, portable storage containers can help perform the job of traditional self storage units, with the convenience of having it on location, and costs less. Business owners and even home owners with open space at/near business or home should consider a storage container rental that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are highly secure, and can even protect the items inside from extreme weather conditions. These storage units do not incur a property tax fee, and normally do not have shortened bill cycles or liability waiver fees.

When it comes to material of storage containers, most are constructed of steel, but some are made with aluminum skin panels and a polymer material roof, which may be less secure. Also it is beneficial to look for containers that integrate vents to reduce condensation.

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Portable storage units are flexible when it comes to short-term or long-term use through rental, lease and purchase options. Ideally suited for the industrial, construction, retail, and school industries, these containers can also house heavy duty equipment that many small businesses utilize to clear up additional space. Those that feature forklift pockets are easily portable and stackable.

Portable Storage and Office Combos

There are also storage units that double as a high security portable office for business owners looking for additional storage and office space. These portable office and storage combinations normally feature lockable door handles, a door bar and security bars – if these features are important to you, make sure you find a provider that includes these with unit.

Portable storage and office rentals are available with a variety of accessories and options to improve functionality of units. Shelves, pipe racks, plan tables, mini blinds, chairs, high security lock boxes, and padlocks or hidden shackle type locks are typical accessories for portable storage and office rentals to satisfy customers’ needs.