Paperless Office – Not a Chance

Paperless Office – Not a Chance

“Office storage should not be a problem.” These were the words offered to me by my office manager Brian back in 2009. He had been away on a course which amongst other things was extolling the virtues of the “paperless office”. He came back ebullient telling anyone that would listen that office shelving units were a thing of the past and that the only storage solution we needed was email. Now id always liked Brian and generally when he had something to say I was all ears. His army background gave him the skills needed to get things organised and in our company. And as a company with over 100 employees on site -he was just what we needed.

“The paperless office will save the planet – we won’t need to cut down trees and there will be more room if we have less office storage units” – Yes where would you like me to put my box files of accounts?

Now I’m all for saving the planet and like Brian, I can see that if we were to cut down on paper and move over to electronic storage the office would indeed be a tidier place. But it’s not the first time that I have heard this “paperless office” idea, and it would be fair to say that I was less that convinced by it.

You see the thing is that as much as I like my iPad it’s no replacement …. a pad! Technology is great; I’m a massive fan of innovation and always have been but when I need to take a note in a rush I don’t want to have to power-up my laptop… I just want to scribble down a note and all these notes need to be stored somewhere. I keep my appointments on my iPhone but can’t rely on the (appalling) battery life, so I carry a paper one everywhere I go. Maybe one day we will be paper free and i cannot wait… but not yet Brian, not yet.

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