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Bringing The Rural Internet To All Texas Residents

Today, you are reading an article via internet, and this is very impossible 15 years ago.For example, websites have become much more complex in recent years, and faster speeds allow for better downloading of data.However, there are still places and people who are still behind the digital divide and this is especially true for people living in rural regions and don’t have access to dependable, inexpensive, or high speed internet service.While a lot of city residents take their internet service for granted, there are still a lot of people spread throughout the country just wish they could get online.Over the years, the internet has dramatically shrunk the world.Recently a USDA study showed how those without internet service are falling further and further behind.

Can you think of a day when you didn’t have internet or wonder what we ever did without it?Well, for many this is still their reality.Not only does the internet deliver likelihood to shop online and chat with their friends, it is also a way to gather information about an illness, speak to their physician without having to drive miles to get there, speak to their leaders about a particular issue or do a host of other things.Aside from that, farmers need the online world to sell their crops and products.
Most of the times, the only rural internet service available is through slow means such as dial-up which no longer work in the age of very complex websites.Dial-up won’t allow for users to watch the video or even log onto websites with a lot of movement and action.Also, other forms of internet service are too expensive for many living in rural communities.While there are options available such as satellite broadband and using an air card, many of these services will cost up high cost a month which may be beyond the reach of some.There are other new ways of communication that are being tested that will hopefully be able to connect all of America at some point shortly.Even when the technology does exist, the fact that some people will live miles from each other makes it hard to run traditional cable or fiber optic wires but, money from the federal government is working to change that and make it more economically feasible for small and large companies to get into the smaller nooks and crannies and bring internet to places where there previously has been none.

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Another way that rural internet service can help all the residents in the rural areas is the matter of education.Those who have access to broadband service do better in school and are more aware of the world in which we live.While the internet may be slow coming to some rural communities, those that do get service see a dramatic improvement in the quality of life and money that they can provide for the household.The Rural internet is here to stay and the only way that the country can continue to compete is to provide service to everyone who wants and needs it in order to be productive and viable.

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