Moving Your Office – Best Tips to Know What to Pack and What to Throw Away

Moving Your Office – Best Tips to Know What to Pack and What to Throw Away

Moving your office can be even more stressful compared to organizing your office storage boxes in your workplace. In fact it is actually more nerve-racking than moving your home and family as there are many things to organize and pack such as office storage furniture, file cabinets, desk organizers, and stuffs like office files and other important documents. But you don’t have to worry packing these stuffs as you can have the control over many aspects in a corporate move. Cardboard storage boxes are the most reliable packing and moving boxes you can get since they are stackable and easy to carry. However, you must follow a specific guideline that is provided by the company by giving yourself at least 3 months of preparation. Most of us are completely unfamiliar with the corporate move preparation, and this unfamiliarity can cause more headaches and anxiety. Most people are completely unfamiliar with how to prepare for a corporate move.

Here you will find some helpful tips that can help you manage your office move in the most professional and easy way; things that you should throw away or get packed are also included.

All files, documents and other items inside the bookcases, shelves, desk organizers, wall cabinets, and other office storage boxes should all be packed securely in cardboard office boxes. On the other hand, filing cabinets should be left untouched but make sure that they are locked or tightly fastened with string or heavy packing tape.

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The next step is to separate all personal items and files. Remember that hired movers are not liable of your personal possessions like legal papers, money, lighters, CDs, fountain pens, pictures, plants, etc. And for greater protection, these items should be moved privately on or before the moving date. You can use cardboard storage boxes to organize and pack these stuffs.

Pack all the contents in your desk like up-to-date working sheets, letter trays, books, pen holder, computer and other desk items. Small office stuffs like seal paper clips, pencils and all other loose materials in envelopes should be packed in moving boxes. Plus, don’t forget to protect glass items using some paper or other stuffing.

Secure all security files by locking them in boxes or containers few days prior to moving. In this case, always ask for security escorts as per security regulation; this is to secure those security files. The same procedure should be applied to supply cabinets.

BUT, do not move those items and furniture that are to be disposed and always make sure to label them with “Do Not Move” labels. Be sure to dispose all garbage ahead of the actual moving day. Keep in mind that the more you throw away, the lesser you have to pack and tow with you, but always be sure not to throw important files and documents. Unnecessary expenses will be reduced if these steps are followed.

Before you totally move out of the office make sure to do some checklist to avoid overlooking of necessary things. Ask yourself if all desks are empty, supply and file cabinets are cleared, all file drawers are locked, all wall items are taken down, breakable items are conveniently packed, liquid drains from printer and photocopy machine are emptied and “Do Not Move” tags are properly placed. These will be done with the help of office storage boxes.

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