Moving Providers for Chicago, Illinois

Moving is rated one of the top seven stressful events of life, whether changing residence or business relocation. According to the U.S. Census Bureau the average American changes residence often, moving 11 times in their lifetime. An average of 35.3 million people move each year, although millennials are breaking the trend, moving slightly less than previous generations.

Why do people move? Reports by the Census Bureau vary. Reasons range from finding a better house or apartment, creating a new household, change of employment location, more affordable home, buying a new home, change in marital status, to attending college, moving to an area with less crime or for health reasons. In each case individuals or families pack up their lives and move elsewhere. No wonder it is considered a life-changing event.

Three million people move from state to state. Of these movers 1.35 million self-move, 1 million rent a moving truck such as U-Haul or Budget and 650,000 hire a moving company. The average interstate move is estimated at $4500 door to door. Records from Move, an organization for movers, show more people leaving Northeastern states in favor of Northwestern states.

The majority of movers simply move in state, often within the same city. 22% of estimated movers who change addresses in state use a moving company to help pack their households and deliver their belongings to the new residence. Estimated average costs for in state moves for a household is $2300. Tracking reputable professional moving companies online under moving chicago il will reveal your choices for moving help within Chicago, Illinois. Here you will find a number of services available for your needs.

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Some interesting things to know is that only 47% of movers employ 5 people or less with 30% of movers having less than 25 employees. Moving costs are determined based upon the number of rooms and estimated boxes to move and the distance of the move to the new location. Costs will be higher if the moving company employees pack boxes for you than if they simply move self-packed boxes and furniture, this is very reasonable considering the efforts taken to wrap and package fragile items. Many people opt for the packing service to minimize disruption to their lives prior to the move. Packing computers, televisions and a number of clothes and personal items for you to move directly yourself can save time setting up these services immediately at the new location. Having clothes and personal items on hand saves time unpacking boxes for work clothes and bathroom essentials.

Midway Moving, All My Sons Moving, Chicago Moving, Coffey Brothers and New City Movers are a few of the professional services you can check out. Prices and services vary, so be to check out a number of companies. Read reviews from Better Business Bureau and Yelp to find out what others are saying about services. Additional costs may be for extra boxes, moving fragile items or excessively heavy furniture and appliances. Be sure to check that your company is licensed and bonded and what exactly is covered under insurance disputes.