Karcher Products

Karcher Products

Karcher, being one of the leading producers of office cleaning products and hygiene cleaning supplies, also takes pride in manufacturing hazard signs which are compulsory requirements of all buildings and commercial premises as specified by law. Although some of the mainstream Karcher products include Karcher vacuum cleaners and Karcher office cleaning supplies, hazard signs also form an essential part in the list of Karcher products.

As per the regulations, the hazard-signs manufactured by Karcher are normally signified by the presence of a warning triangle which is yellow in color with a black border to indicate all the potential hazards in one’s surroundings. Karcher also ensures that there is a symbol within the triangle which varies according to the hazard and while the presence of an exclamation mark is used to denote a general hazard, the presence of a lightening strike is meant to denote an electrical hazard. As a global organization, Karcher believes in following all regulations in case of its products due to which all Karcher products like the Karcher vacuum cleaners and Karcher office cleaning supplies are designed to adhere to the color and safety regulations.

The wide range of hazard signs which are offered by Karcher as office cleaning products and hygiene cleaning supplies which feature an exclamation mark are ‘danger men working overhead’, ‘danger demolition in progress’ and ‘danger deep excavations’. Likewise, there are hazard signs made by Karcher which feature a lightening streak like ‘warning high voltage cables overhead’ and ‘danger buried high voltage cables’. Some other types of hazard signs as Karcher products are ‘danger, keep out’, ‘danger, fragile roof’ and ‘scaffolding incomplete’.

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As office cleaning products and hygiene cleaning supplies, Karcher manufactures these hazard signs in a wide variety of materials and some of the usual options are self adhesive vinyl, rigid plastic, dibond and aluminum. While the self adhesive vinyl is meant for internal use and should be applied only to smooth and flat surfaces, the rigid plastic, dibond and aluminum are meant for external use and are fixed with the help of double-sided tapes and drill screws.

This range of Karcher products along with the Karcher office cleaning supplies and Karcher vacuum cleaners should conform to appropriate ratings in signage in high-risk areas. Karcher also ensures that the hazard signs should be photo-luminous when they are used in buildings without any emergency lighting. In addition, Karcher emphasizes that the size of the hazard signs should be in accordance with the viewing distance and should always be designed according to the standards set by the Government.