How You Can Use Storage Boxes As Effective Tools For Teaching Kids to Be Organized

How You Can Use Storage Boxes As Effective Tools For Teaching Kids to Be Organized

Storage boxes have definitely conquered the planet. You see them everywhere in your office, hiding in plain sight in your garden, yesterday you saw the DJ at the party use it, your hubby has it for his tools, in your local police station they are used as evidence boxes.

Now let storage boxes conquer your kids room so that you can teach them to look after themselves at a young age. Studies have shown that teaching your kids how to declutter, be responsible with their things, and be organized while they are still young will benefit them for their entire lifetime in that they will be responsible and organized adults.

Parents are all too familiar with the mess that kids leave after playing with their toys for hours. Afterward when you look at their room you see all their toys strewn about the floor, the bed, and the walls as if a hurricane visited their room. Instead of doing the all too familiar task of picking up after them why not involve your kids in the cleanup process that way the next time around when they are very much used to it they will be doing it themselves without being told do so.

So using these types of boxes how do you teach your kids to be responsible?

1. Buy bright colored storage boxes or boxes that are decorated with their favorite cartoon characters this makes those forever interesting to them. These boxes should have a lid and it would be better if they came with wheels so he can move them to another part of the room easily.

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2. Don’t expect your kids to immediately recognize what the box is for. It is your job to teach them how to use it. So after playing guide them as to how they should store their toys, which box is for small toys and which one is for the large toys.

You can also teach them to segregate their toys and put them in the box according to type: balls should go here, toy cars should go there, stuffed toys will be here etc. Alternatively, instead of using multiple boxes, buy just one big box and teach him how to store toys of various sizes inside the box.

3. To make them familiar with which box stores which toy, you can use your computer to create labels with a graphic of the particular toy just in case they can’t read yet and paste it on the specific box.

4. The next time around, you much teach him not to let all of his toys out but rather teach him to decide what he would like to play with. If that particular toy is at the bottom of the box teach him that he can only play with that toy if he replaces the other toys he had to get out to reach the one he likes this way the clutter is minimized.

5. Kids are kids play will always be first and foremost in their minds which is why they need to be constantly reminded of their responsibilities. Have a regular maintenance time for example, before they go to bed their toys are already tucked away.

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Children learn by example. Set a good example and your kids will eventually get used to the idea of using storage boxes when they clean up after playing with their toys and soon they will tidy up their own room without your supervision.