How Much Does it Cost to Have My Office Cleaned? What is Involved in the Cost Calculation?

How Much Does it Cost to Have My Office Cleaned? What is Involved in the Cost Calculation?

Determining your Office Cleaning Costs

Knowing how much an office cleaning service is going to cost has a lot to do with the amount of work that you are asking to be performed. Time is money, so it is said, and a commercial cleaning service is no different.

A Basic Office Cleaning Agenda

Many customers know little about what is involved in office cleaning, only that they want a good job. Walk around your different office spaces and take notes on what you expect to be done in a basic job and a second list for what you would like to have done but not if it means an extra fee. For example, you may consider dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning the restrooms a basic list but your idea of dusting may be different from the next person’s. Is dusting all flat surfaces what you mean or moving and dusting all items on the flat surface included?

Extra Job Duties Above and Beyond

Perhaps you have had the same cleaning person for years that had a lot of time and cleaned your office as though it were a home. Spot cleaning the carpets, washing out garbage cans, cleaning the windows inside and out and watering plants. An individual like this may have grown to have a good sense for what your needs were. A commercial cleaning company will not have this intimate relationship and you have to take this into consideration. Extra duties can be addressed but at a cost.

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Cleaning supplies and Paper Products

An office cleaning company has a large investment in cleaning equipment and supplies. If you are looking to cut costs in your office cleaning, you may consider purchasing your own equipment and buying your own cleaning supplies and paper products. Ask potential cleaning services for quotes both ways and determine whether this could be an option for you. Your employees may be used to a particular type of paper towel or toilet paper that you have always purchased and you cannot ask a cleaning service to run out and purchase a specific brand just for your office because they may buy in bulk to give you the best price possible.

The Square Footage of the Office Space

Obviously an office space of 2,000 square feet is going to cost less than an office space of 22,000 square feet but if you have never used an office cleaning service in the past, you would have no way of knowing the difference. Many commercial cleaning services offer a cost by the square footage with a basic job list included. The frequency of cleaning is also a factor. Once a week cleaning will be less expensive than three times per week. Also consider whether you have tile floors that will need special consideration or if your office space is all carpet.

Prepare a list of these concerns and be ready to sit down and discuss with each office cleaning service that you are considering for the job. It will help them do their job more effectively and give you a cost that can be easily budgeted.

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