Filing Cabinets Or Tambour Cupboards Maybe?

Filing Cabinets Or Tambour Cupboards Maybe?

With such a range of filing cabinets available, there has to be one that suits your needs. They do not all come with drawers. Some are furnished with both drawers and shelves or shelves only and all varieties are ready to receive whatever needs to be filed!

Primarily, consider what is to be kept in the filing cabinet. Bulky box files and folders will need shelves for their storage Access would be good and whether high or low, the spine of the files would be easy to see Deep shelves are not much use for this type of filing as the void to the rear of the cabinet would be somewhat unreachable and could prove to be redundant – not a useful space at all. Equally, the shelves themselves do not need to be too deep. A little deeper than the actual files is perfect.

For the storage of private and confidential documentation, look for a cabinet with locking drawers or doors for added security. All drawers should be lined, if metal and have strong nylon runners for smooth operation.

The material which your filing cabinet is made from is a personal choice. Wooden finishes are warm and tactile, they complement desk ranges and existing office furniture and decor and perform every bit as well as their metal counterparts. Metal filing cabinets don’t have to be grey – other colours are available.

For the best of both worlds, a tambour cupboard could be the solution. Available in all wood, wood and metal or metal finishes, they are sold in various widths, heights and depths, with a multitude of internal options which include shelving, dividers and lateral filing cradles for all sizes of files and folders. In addition, the tambour shutter reduces the floor space needed for its use within the office as there are no formal doors which open out wards.

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