Complete Shelving Systems Are More Than Just a Shelf

Complete Shelving Systems Are More Than Just a Shelf

The majority of companies, be they professional offices, commercial kitchens or large warehouses, will use some sort of shelving as a way of storing and organising items. Whilst the humble shelf is indeed a great storage option, shelving systems incorporate all of the benefits of traditional shelving with a host of other advantages that a shelf alone cannot give you.

To begin with, complete shelving systems typically give you a range of options from the traditional, plain wooden shelf to steel wire ones that are strong and durable without losing any style points. Wire shelves may be ideal for use in offices, schools, laboratories or even at home. Inclined shelves are also available as part of shelving systems, holding items at an angle which can make it easier to reach what it inside, especially on the top shelves. This is a great solution for example for kitchens where there is a need to store large, heavy boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables away from the dirty floor but without leaving them inaccessible on a daily basis.

There are many shelving units available to suit all different needs, including many styles with wheels so that heavy goods can be not only stored but also moved from place to place easily, as-and-when required. Traditionally styled wooden shelving units are available that are perfect for libraries, and these can be found both with and without wheels. Libraries may also like to take note of the fact that additional extras such as book ends are usually available with complete shelving systems, that would not be if you bought a shelf on its own. These can be used to separate and divide different genres or categories of books, making it quick and easy for your customers to find the one that they are looking for.

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Restaurants and other commercial kitchens may also be interesting in knowing about dedicated storage options such as a wine shelving unit which is a great alternative to a smaller wine rack if you have many bottles at any one time. There are also shelving units available that combine a storage space with a work surface on top, to prepare food. Especially designed shelving systems with easy to clean surfaces can also be found that are ideal not only for areas of food preparation but also for hospitals and healthcare units.

Complete shelving systems are also available for office based businesses, offering various methods of sorting and storing important files and documents. From wooden shelving units to excellent lever arch storage bays, created so that standard sized lever arch files fit perfectly into them, there are numerous options available when it comes to office storage. Complete shelving units can be found that include different height and width shelves to store differently sizes files together, and with or without side panels so that they can be chosen based on whether the shelves will be stood against a wall or placed in the centre of the room, when access would be desired from both sides.

In addition, there are numerous accessories available to complement your chosen shelving units, many of which are sold by the same company that sells the shelves which means that they will fit perfectly in place. If you need to identify items quickly there is a wide variety of magnetic labels, magnetic characters, plastic ticket holders and more that can be chosen to suit your needs. One of the best for businesses with regularly changing products or for kitchens who need to keep track of use by dates is an easy wipe magnetic strip. Simply cut off the required length, write your label and pop it into position. When the label needs to be changed it can be wiped clean and the new label written onto it. Other items such as rack sacks, reusable waste bins that can be hung from the end of shelving units to sort general waste and recycling, and various safety signs can also be found to complete your storage system.

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After reading this article it will be clear that shelving systems are more than simply shelves. Sure, shelving units do have shelves but they also incorporate other elements that make them infinitely more useful to have in the workplace. Whether you are looking for office storage, kitchen storage or warehouse storage, a complete shelving system is definitely the way to go.