Commercial Cleaning – A Neat and Tidy Way of Keeping Your Offices Healthy

Commercial Cleaning – A Neat and Tidy Way of Keeping Your Offices Healthy

What could be done if you are running a commercial establishment, have twenty to thirty staff that sign in at nine in the morning, leave the building last by six o’clock, and want to keep it neat and tidy? Your establishment is neither too large to employ your own cleaning staff, but at the same time cannot overlook the cleanliness, when the health of your staff is concerned. What you require is services from a commercial cleaning firm.

Businesses expect to open their buildings in the morning, and find that their offices have been thoroughly cleaned. A commercial cleaning shouldn’t be heard or seen. When employees arrive in the morning, their garbages should be emptied and papers on desks shouldn’t have been disturbed.

Depending upon the number of staff in the establishment, a business can obtain the services of one or two cleaning staff who are effective and thorough at keeping the office premises clean. If security is a concern, by allowing the cleaners access to the building during the night, if you have night security, have them keep a watch on the cleaners. If your business requires a high level of security clearance, consider doing a background check on the cleaning company, its owner, and its employees.

By the end of most regular business days, there will likely be paper cups occupying the full space of the waste box kept near the water cooler. Each workstation will have a waste basket that should be emptied. Similarly, if the building has a cafeteria, it will also need to be cleaned and sanitized. Make sure that all garbages are emptied, and all recycling bins are emptied.

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The paper shredder should be emptied and wiped down, and the photocopier should also be cleaned and sanitized. After all of the garbages have been emptied, and recycling bins consolidated, all of the waste products should be put in the agreed upon location so that the city garbage collectors and collect it and remove it from the premises.

Even a modest business with thirty employees will generate a lot of garbage in the office by the time they leave in the evening. The floors will need to be vacuumed. Desks should be dusted. Any non-carpeted areas should be mopped. Depending on the type of year, and the location of the business, a cleaning company may be required to have a wet vacuum. In winter, a lot of snow and sludge can be brought into the building attria. This leads to a slipperty, wet mess that should be wiped up and cleaned.

Depending on the building size, and the cleaning services that are required, a cleaning business may need to have at least three full-time staff on payroll. They should also have the necessary equipment and cleaning materials. Ideally, the cleaning solutions used should be non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Ask the cleaning company for references. If possible, do some investigating and ask around to find out if anyone has heard anything good or bad about the cleaners. These people will be all alone in your offices, will have access to a lot of your business files and private information. Make sure you are comfortable and trust the people you contract to clean your building.

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