Choosing the Right Lighting for You

Recessed light fixtures are different from traditional light fixtures because they flush with the ceiling. Recessed lights, sometimes called downlights or can light have three components: trim style, bulb and housing. These lights range in size from 3 to 6 inches in diameter. The type of size recessed lights you need depend on the location and purpose of the light.

Types of Recessed Lights Available 

Recessed lighting Fredericksburg VA is best for a modern décor because of the current styles on the market. Most people use the lights to highlight a particular area. However, you may also want to accent a space or add additional light to space.
The housing, or actual light fixture, is what you see. The trim fits inside the housing. The type of recessed trim on the lights available are:

  1. Shower Trim: This style has a tempered glass lens over the light. It is best for wet areas of the home such as the shower.
  2. Gimbal Trim: This recessed light a circular light that functions similar to an eyeball. It does not extend past the ceiling. When the light is fully pivoted, part of the light is blocked by the rest of the fixture.
  3. Pin Hole Trim: The Pin Hole Trim is a small, narrow light that places a spotlight on a tiny area.
  4. Baffle Trim: It’s light bulb fits inside the fixture and is not flush with the ceiling. This is the most common form of recessed lighting. The Baffle has a ribbed interior to minimize the light’s glare.
  5. Open Trim: The Open Trim’s bulb is flush with the ceiling. It provides unrestricted illumination.
  6. Reflector Trim: This recessed lighting has an inset bulb. The fixture is best for mirrored surfaces because they are illuminated the most. Tinted Reflector Trim is available too.
  7. Wall-Wash Trim: The Wall-Wash Trim has a cover over half the light. This limits the light to a specific area. This type of fixture is usually used to highlight paintings or fireplaces.
  8. Eyeball Trim: The Eyeball Trim can function as a wall-wash or accent lighting because it is moveable. Thus, you can pivot the fixture to the area you want to see.
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You can add a dimmer switch to your recessed lighting fixture to change the mood of any area. It is important to check the instructions to make sure the fixtures are listed as dimmable. You should also find the correct switch.

The Type of Light Bulbs Used in Recessed Lighting

Be careful when buying bulbs for recessed lighting. Some recessed lighting requires screw-in bulbs. Other recessed light fixtures require a pin-base. Also, factors such as wattage, lumens and color temperature affect the quality of the lighting.
LED and halogen are the most common light bulbs used for recessed lights. LED assist in lowering your energy costs. Color temperature is important to show when using a recessed light. You want to match the mood of the decor. For instance, the warm white color temperature is reserved for bedrooms or kitchens.