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What are the differences between working capital and small business loans?

On the surface, it may seem that there is not much difference between working capital and an SME.  After all, one may argue, it is granted to the business and the unit can apply it to business purposes as per choice. However, this is not true. The main difference lies in the timing aspect. In accounting, there is a concept called as a matching concept. This means that a long-term debt should be applied for long term capex purposes. Alternatively, a short-term working capital loan should be applied for operational expenses. A mismatch can lead to serious solvency crisis for the business. There is a difference between working capital and small business loans and we shall study that in this article.

Understanding Small Business Loans

Small business loans are extended by banks to business owners. The criteria to be eligible for such loans include a business operating period of at least 3 years, good personal as well as business credit scores and strong financial performance.

The banks insist on submission of assets such as property, equipment and/or vehicles that can be used as collateral cover. In the event of a default, the asset may be liquidated to recover the dues.

A small business loan application involves detailed documentation and submission of substantial supporting documents. The approval process is long drawn and time-consuming as the valuation of the assets has to be undertaken by a competent valuer. There is still a high chance that after the long waiting period and frequent correspondence with the bank, the loan may still be rejected.

It is mandatory thatan SME loanis used specifically for the purpose stated in the loan application. For example, if the funds were requested to purchase afixed asset, then the funds can only be applied for capex purpose. There is no scope to deviate from the initially declared usage, even if the business owner comes up with a better reason.

There is a heavy prepayment penalty in case of paying the dues and attempting to settle the loan.

Understanding a Working Capital Loan

A working capital loan isa relatively flexible business financing option. It is mainly availed to fund the routine business expenditure namely raw material purchase, payment to suppliers, wages and other operating expenditure. It can be obtained even by a new, relatively nascent business. This is because, irrespective of the vintage or size of the business, every business would undertake business activities.

A working capital loan application can be obtained from a fintech lender by an online application. In case the loan amount is less than Rs 10 lakhs, the evaluation process is complete within a day. Once sanctioned, the loan amount is directly credited to the registered bank account of the borrower.

In addition, business owners can use the funds for any operating purpose. The fintech lenders do not monitor or mandate the usage of the funds.

The repayment facility is also flexible in case of working capital loan. Rather than a lumpsum repayment, a regular, periodic repayment is made to the lender. Fintech lenders also enable early servicing of the loan with foreclosure charges.

In conclusion, while applying for a business loan, one must bear in mind the difference between a small business loan apply and working capital loan. Generally, a business loan implies a secured loan offered by banks. On the other hand, a working capital loan in the nature of unsecured business finance can be easily obtained from a fintech lender for business operations. Many times, the terms are used interchangeably in a loose manner with business loans broadly being categorized as secured or unsecured loans. Further, each of the above two segments offer short term working capital loans and long tenure term loans for capex needs.

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Purchasing Small Business Liability Insurance

In most cases, no one will attempt to drive across the country or any state without the required auto coverage. Likewise, it will be risky to attempt running your business without a right business insurance brisbane. On the same note, no one would like to take the risk of establishing a business through untold struggles only to lose everything within a blink of an eye. An accident can strike your ventures at any time. Therefore, a great way to ensure that your investment is safe is ensuring that you cover it with liability insurance

However, finding the best insurance policy to cover your business is not always a walk in the park. The best place to begin your hunt for the best insurance policies is from the online platform. All the same, this area also does not guarantee to find what you might be looking for from the word go. This implies that you need to have your options established in the best way possible before you initiate your search. As such, here are some of the factors that you need t to consider when purchasing any commercial insurance for your business.

Identify and Asses Your Possible Risks

Having your risks identified and assessed in the right way is vital because this is exactly what the insurance company will look at before providing you with any policy. This is what is referred to as the underwriting. Therefore, all your policies will be based on the review of your underwriting during the application process. This way, the insurer can decide what he will be able to cover within your venture and also what you will be expected to pay for the policy.

In most cases, the cost of policies will vary from one insurance firm to the other. The higher the deductibles that you will have the lesser the premiums that you will be having. However, before you decide to go for higher deductibles, it is vital to ensure that you can handle such financial issues without many challenges.

Avoid Landing on The First Quote

It is advisable not to land on the first insurance quote that comes your way. Instead, ensure that you shop around to find out what is available for you to take. When you find a policy that seems to address your need, it is important to ensure that you read all the outlined fine prints because they might contain a lot of legalities that should not be overlooked. To this end, hiring a broke can be very vital because they will help you to understand the terms of the policy and even landing a better deal.

Purchasing a coverage policy is like entering into a contract with the service provider. Therefore, the last thing that you should do is entering into an agreement that you hardly understand. This can be another way of leading your business into hot water where you will end up with unending financial challenges. Therefore, always ensure that you weigh your options well before purchasing any insurance policy for your small business.…

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Corrugated Boxes can prove to be a best tool for business success

If you have just started a new business and you are looking for good quality packaging to pack your product, you can seriously consider the option to go for custom corrugated boxes. These printed corrugated boxes are very sturdy in nature and you can choose their thickness level as per the handling requirement of your product. You may choose to incorporate very thin wholesale corrugated boxes in order to reduce the weight, occupied space and shipping cost. On the other hand, if you need extra protection for your product, you may choose to have thick corrugated boxes packaging to get the desired level of protection but this may increase the overall size and weight of the shipment.

Low Cost But Useful Publicity

You can get all the information related to your products and the company on these printed corrugated boxes. By doing so, you will not only be handling your products in a much efficient manner but also, you will be promoting your business at a very low price but in a much efficient and beneficial way. If properly used, these custom corrugated boxes can act as your advertising agent publicizing your business constantly to everybody around. It is a fact that generally, the success of any business is directly proportional to popularity. The more popular your company or product is, more sales you will be generating and more money you will be making. Printed corrugated boxes can help you a lot to maximize the popularity of your product or brand and contribute a lot to your overall success and growth.

No Shipping Cost

We are aware of the fact that you are doing a business and you are very serious about keeping the cost of custom product packaging at a minimal level in order to maximize your profit and to offer competitive prices in the market. We understand your situation and we are striving our level best to provide you with maximum benefit via our printed corrugated boxes while keeping the cost at the lowest level. Therefore, we are offering wholesale corrugated boxes shipped to your premises totally free of cost. No hidden charges or shipment cost is there. All you need to pay is the actual price of corrugated boxes packaging and you can have these custom boxes at the location of your choice. You are not required to pay even a single penny extra and the whole amount you will be paying is just the original prices of these retail boxes and nothing else.

Ensured High Quality

We are in this business from a very long time and we have several satisfied and regular customers who have strong trust in the quality of our custom corrugated. We have managed to win their trust and support because of the fact that we never make any compromise on the quality of what we are delivering. We are aware of the fact that our success depends upon the level of satisfaction we will provide to our customers and in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we take all possible measures to ensure top quality.…

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A Whole World of Lube

Lubricants are a substance that could be used to reduce friction in between two mutual surfaces which creates less heat due to the continuous contact of these two surfaces. This is what was found in Wikipedia and it makes sense. This is what cnc lubricants does in its natural form and usually the substances associated with these lubricants are for the most part natural. Many applications are optional when it comes to lubrication like cooking with oils to prevent the pan from becoming stuck to the items being cooked. Lube also helps with transporting particles, transmitting forces, and changing the temperature of the surface to either hot or cold.

According to Wikipedia this has been going on for thousands of years. For example, calcium soaps have been discovered in the axles of chariots from thousands of years dating back. In ancient Egypt the pyramids were built by using lube to help shift the blocks of stone and other material into place. In Ancient Rome the choice of lube ranged from olive oil, to rapeseed oils and animal fats. When the industrial revolution came on to the scene this changed everything because of the metallic substances being used during that time. In the early nineteen hundred petroleum oil became the new type of lubricant and it was also during this time that new technology allowed for the purification of lube.

What constitutes a good lubricant base includes many of the following. A high boiling point and low freezing point allow for the lube to stay liquid no matter what temperature it’s in. Good lube also has a high viscosity index, thermal stability, hydraulic stability, demulsibility, corrosive prevention, and a high resistance to oxidation. Mainly lube contains ninety percent base oil which typically is often mineral oil. Other options for base oils include vegetable oil, hydrogenated polyolefins, esters, silicon’s, fluorocarbons, and even water to some degree. Dry lubricants such as graphite, molybdenum, disulfide, and tungsten disulfide. The dry lube is good for high temperatures.

Additives mainly contribute to the performance of the lube and sometimes especially in the automotive industry the ratios can go up to even twenty percent. Depressive compounds allow for the prevention of crystal waxes. Long chain alkylbenzenes only grow small crystals and stop there because the long chain prevents crystal growth. In nineteen ninety-nine thirty-seven million tons of lubricant were consumed in a single year. The large majority of consumerism when it comes to lube could be attributed to the automobile industry, but other industrial, marine, and metal working applications could be attributed as well. Mineral oil is actually derived from crude oil, which is a natural source of lubrication, but synthetic oils are petroleum derived by using synthetic hydrocarbons. Historically whale oil was a common form of lubrication as well in the twentieth century and was mainly used for transmission fluid. Lastly a bio lubricant is a base resource that could be used over and over again. These are usually fats that come from animals.

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How to Supply the Best Customer Support Experience in Your Industry Today

Providing a good customer experience is not a luxury but a necessity for those businesses that want to succeed in this world-wide economy. Therefore, it is very important that business owners and their representatives pay close attention to the customer support that they supply to their customers, clients and anyone else within their networks. The support that is provided can make a significant difference between any organization thriving well in a competitive market or losing sales.

Hence, to make sure your organization does well in this sector of the business, you should consider the following:

1.    Take Special Care in Choosing Your Customer Support Platform

When you set up your customer support team, you need to make sure that everyone on the team knows exactly what to do and when. If not, the image that you are trying to present will not be what the customer sees or hear. Therefore, in order to make sure that everyone in the organization is on the same page, you will need to pay special attention to the customer service platform that you select. From the time the customer support person picks up the phone to say hello to the details that the representative provides on the call to the consumer, the instructions for these calls should follow a particular flow, the platform used can help to produce loyal customers or run them away for good. Having said this, the platform that is selected for any organization should be well thought out, reviewed and implemented.

2.    Implement Innovative Customer Support Automation Solutions for Easy Access to Important Customer Data

To run any customer support area effectively and efficiently today, the customer service agents in a call center need the tools and information to provide stellar service. Because the tools needed are meant to provide easy access to customer data, the process must be automated in order for it to be just what is needed. For instance, the best customer support experiences usually end up in the customer receiving all of the information that they want without delay. To make this happen an organization must be able to give the CR the data that they need at the tip of their fingers. Simply stated, the CR will need access to sophisticated systems that will give the data that they need to answer questions like when the order was made, when the customer’s order was filled, where the shipment is at that point in time and when it will be delivered. All of these questions and more can be kept in one centralized database for quick access to the answers that need to be addressed.

3.    Be Proactive with Analytics

If you want to get ahead of problems instead of reacting to customer issues and complaints, you need a good analytics solution that will provide you with the data that you need real time. Therefore, if your customers are experiencing the same problems over and over again, the issue can be identified earlier and addressed with a solution before the loss of loyal customers.…

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Testing for Performance Bottlenecks in Your Systems

Performance bottlenecks occur in computer systems every day because all systems have limits. You must place limits on the system to ensure performance, and this article explains how testing helps your computer system. You may change the way your systems function, and the systems must be upgraded every time a test is concluded.

When Do Bottlenecks Occur?

Performance bottlenecks in load testing must be rooted out as soon as possible. Your business or website cannot function if you have consistent bottlenecks that slow everything down. Consider how much simpler it is to run the test, check the results, and make a simple change.

The testing procedure is handled by a company that runs these tests every day, and they ensure that you have an idea of where the bottlenecks occur. You cannot open your system completely because it will crash, but you may open up bandwidth where it is needed most. The transmission of data must be as efficient as possible if you plan to keep your company running.

What Are Your Limits?

The limits of the system are simple to test, and you must have a baseline measurement that comes from the first test. Your testing partner may help you find a better baseline, and your system may be upgraded to change those restrictions. Your company has limits on its systems for its own protection, and you are expanding every time a treat is completed.

You may have limited the flow of information in certain parts of your website because you are afraid of a crash, and it would be wise for you to continue testing where these limits exist. Your company may set up a website that handles more traffic, or you may expand your internal systems when hiring more people. There are quite a few bottlenecks that you have not opened until they appear in your tests.

How Long Does the Test Last?

You are not completing a single test for your site or business, and it is wise for you to have a series of tests run every week. Load testing is handled by a remote company that watches the tests unfold in real-time. They report back to you when the tests are complete, and you are given a list of recommendations based on the tests.

There are many wonderful things that may do with your site or your systems when load testing occurs. Load testing is much easier for you to do when hiring a remote company, and they help you save money on the process. It is quite simple for you to have the tests done when your customers report problems with your site or online catalog.

Your employees report problems with the company systems, and you must complete tests that uncover those problems. You deserve to have a system that allows you all to get work done reliably, and you may find that your company increases its profits when the systems are no longer clogged by multiple bottlenecks.…

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How to Select a Good Conference Room for Your Meeting

A conference hall or hall is a room given for singular events like business meetings, as well as conferences. Commonly, it is found in established hotels and hospitals. Even a convention center can have a conference room. With that said, there are different types of conference rooms. If you want to rent one for your meeting, you should be familiar with a few aspects that will determine the success of that meeting. Here are some factors to look at;

  • Space

If you are a business professional looking forward to holding a meeting soon, then a conference room suits you. But you have to consider the space of the hall in regard to the people meant to attend the meeting. If you have about 100 attendees, then you probably need a larger conference rental room. If you have a few attendees, you will need a smaller conference room.

  • The Location 

Every meeting has a specific location. In essence, you should choose an easy to access location for your attendees. For example, if your business is in the New York City, the most reasonable thing to do is rent a conference hall within the town center. You should also look at the hall’s accessibility when it comes to driving to the venue.

  • Are there Social Amenities?

Apart from location, you should consider the availability of social amenities like stores, cafes, and other attractions that could be beneficial to the meeting attendees. You should also consider conference rooms located near highways, and transit lines as these make it easy for your meeting attendees to access the venue.

  • Flexibility 

When it comes to finding the right conference room for your meeting detailing is critical. Some venues conference room rental in NY allows you to partition the rental conference room into smaller sections that can accommodate your attendees. Also, maybe you only need the room for half an hour. In such instances, it is highly advisable to rent a flexible room for shorter engagements.

  • Affordability 

It is essential for the space provider to work hand-in-hand with the host of the meeting. Affordability travels down to catering options, staff, and support services. This means that you should only go for what you can afford. Check the inventory sizes as well. Other than that it is crucial to rent a conference room from a provider willing to customize his or her services to meet a client’s needs.

  • Reputation and Service Delivery 

The reputation of a space provider comes in handy when you are looking for a rental conference room. Check the online reviews for the type of services he or she offers. Are the clients pleased? Are there recommendations or referrals? These questions should guide you in the search for a conference room service provider.


Corporate workers are vastly embracing the idea of renting a conference room instead of holding meetings at the office. If you are looking for a room to hire for use, the factors stated above should guide you in your search.