10 Office Products to Help Your Business

10 Office Products to Help Your Business

1. Security Safes – Even if you don’t keep a lot of money on the premises, there’s every chance you’ll require somewhere secure to keep petty cash, as well as any important documents or keys that you want to keep safe.

2. Office cleaning products – Even if you have a cleaner who comes in a keeps the office tidy, you may need to clear up spills or wipe down computer screens. For this you’ll need certain products.

3. Printer toner cartridges – Every office has a printer, so you may need a regular supply of inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges, hp laser cartridges or even xerox cartridges.

4. Office filing cabinet – The days of paperless offices may be talked about often, but in reality, important paper documents still tend to mount up over time. A filing cabinet with appropriate files and folders will help you keep on top of them.

5. Binding machine – If you want to present printed documents in a more professional way than a few staples, a binding machine can be very useful. Documents look professional and are securely bound.

6. Packaging supplies – If you send out products or large packages, you’ll need the appropriate supplies to make sure they arrive securely at their intended destination.

7. Tea and coffee making facilities – Some offices offer full catering facilities, others just have a sink and a kettle. Whichever way, your staff will still require office coffee and tea supplies – including cups, spoons and washing up liquid.

8. Stationery – From pens, paper and staples to white board cloths and lever arch files, you’ll need a wide range of stationery in order for your staff to perform their jobs efficiently and productively.

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9. White boards – If you have a lot of meetings or presentations, a white board is great for noting down ideas and plans.

10. Workwear – If you have a lot of clients to the office and you’re tired of your staff taking a lenient approach to your smart-casual dress code, why not introduce comfortable and professional corporate workwear? You can still give staff a choice of colours or styles, so they don’t all look the same, but they’ll all be consistent with your brand.

Now you know some of the important office products that could help your business, why not draw up a list of the office cleaning products, security safes, packaging and other office supplies that you need?